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Hoe vind je een goede tekstschrijver?

Ja, hoe vind je nu een goede tekstschrijver? Zoek er een waarvan het werk interessant, grappig, slim, scherpzinnig en overtuigend is. Die teksten schrijft waar je gewoon naar uitkijkt om ze te lezen. Sommigen hebben het en sommigen niet. Huur degene in die het heeft!

(Bron: Sonia Simone, via Copyblogger)

Every business needs content. Not the bland, me-too nonsense that so often clutters up our in-boxes and feeds, but genuinely useful, interesting content.

Content that lets a business stand out amid the clutter and noise. Content that moves prospects closer to a sale. Content that can become a powerful differentiator for your company.

And increasingly, businesses are having a tough time finding the writers who know how to create that kind of content over time.

According to some recent research by Content Marketing Institute, the demand for content writers has grown by 320 percent … just over the past year.

And while in the past, about 10 percent of companies struggled to find qualified professionals, that’s risen to 32 percent this year.

One of the reasons I think organizations struggle is, they don’t always know what qualities will make for a genuinely productive, profitable hire. And as you might guess, I have a few strong opinions about that.

So here’s what I think you should look for, when you’re looking for a content professional to create the marketing that will move your business forward.

First: A strong, confident writing voice

This is the big gun.

Strategy, marketing, and persuasion techniques can be taught (that’s what we’re here for). Voice, on the other hand, develops over time and needs to come from within a creative, intelligent, sensitive human being.

While a solid writing voice can be developed over time (here’s how), your writer won’t ever get there without a lot of passion and commitment. Talent doesn’t hurt, either.

Look for a writer whose work is interesting, funny, smart, perceptive, and convincing. Look for someone whose writing you just like to read.

Some have it and some don’t. Insist on hiring the one who does.

Solid spelling, grammar, and usage

There are a few amazing writers out there who need a professional proofreader — but unless you have the bandwidth to add such a person to your team, your writer needs to have a solid grasp of usage, spelling, and all those mundane issues that can make us look silly when we get them wrong.

Your writing candidates should get their feathers ruffled when someone uses it’sfor its. Every writer makes a typo once in awhile — but for a professional, that should be rare.

Finds the intriguing angle

Well-crafted content is important — but if it’s not wrapped up in a fascinating package, it probably won’t get read or shared.

Strong content writers are capable and creative. They think about your topic in interesting ways. (Mainly because professional writers think about their topics all the time. Occupational hazard. Probably why we’re such odd birds.)

A pro knows how to deliver the usefulness that audiences need, but also wraps it up in unusual hooks and angles that will capture attention and engage curiosity.

Understands the elements of content that sells

There are plenty of writers out there who can write a pleasing sentence or paragraph.

But a content professional also understands how content can move prospects smoothly down the path from stranger to interested prospect to delighted customer.

They understand headlines, and why content gets shared. They know what kind of content works well in blog posts, and what’s better saved for a landing page or an email message.

A professional content writer lives and breathes strategy. Which brings me to my next point. A good writer …

Can articulate why they’re using a particular content strategy

If you have a writer working for you, that person should be able to tell you precisely why she’s taken a particular angle with a blog post, video script, or white paper.

She can explain how your content program ties into your search strategy and why she’s using the number 8.4 in the headline, rather than rounding it up to 9.

Give her a chance and she’ll talk your ear off about the structure of bullet point fascinations, benefits over features, and the call to action.

The people who revel in this stuff are the ones who create compelling marketing content that builds your business. Whether or not you find it exciting, your writer needs to.

She needs to be able to tell you why, so your entire organization moves in the same direction.

(And on your part, you need to take the time to listen to those explanations. Don’t hire a pro and then second-guess every move she makes. If you want great content, you need to give your writer the space to craft that greatness.)

Commitment to professionalism and ongoing education

If content is important to your business, you need a professional, not an interested amateur. (Or an admittedly adorable fluffy poodle, like the one illustrating this post.)

And one of the hallmarks of the professional is commitment. Commitment to getting better over time, to staying on top of developments in the field, to a lifetime of learning.

Raw talent to write is important, and an understanding of strategy is important. But you also want to find someone who takes the profession seriously — as a profession — and continues to sharpen and refine his skills.

From search algorithms to social platforms to what kinds of headlines are performing well these days — professional writers need to stay plugged in to what’s changing in our profession.

A serious content professional also takes the initiative to become an authority in the topics he writes about. Interviewing experts (some of whom might be within your company), doing independent research, poring over industry journals, and talking with customers.

You can find that from a dedicated freelancer who specializes in your industry, but you can also build a long-term relationship with a strong content generalist who takes the time to develop that depth of knowledge about your individual company.

What you don’t want is a pennies-a-word person from one of the cheap freelance sites. They simply can’t make the commitment to learning your topic the way a true pro can.

Where do you find these people?

I cheated when I wrote this post — because I went to the guidelines for our Certified Content Creator application evaluations.

These are the qualities we look for when we’re assessing the work of writers seeking our certification — and these are the qualities you’ll find in the writers who earn that badge.

We have a whole page of them (growing weekly) — some serving specific niches like real estate or healthcare, and others who write across several industries.

A member of the Copyblogger editorial team takes a close look at the writing of each applicant. (I’m on the evaluation team as well.)

We look for the qualities I talked about above — a great writing voice first and foremost, but paired with strategy, professionalism, and straight-up marketing chops.

If you’re looking for a serious content professional, this is where you’ll find her, or him. But don’t wait too long. Remember, the demand for this kind of writer has grown by 320 percent in this year alone.

The perfect writer for your business would love to get started making your content program more successful … don’t let her slip away to some other company.

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